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Who are us

Our mission

ERTF has developed tracking concept for 20 years.

The company imagines, adapts, produces and commercializes positioning and communication systems based on radio, GSM or satellites associated with numeric cartography.
ERTF develop competences in high technology segment with a great field experience.


Our services

Thanks to the combination of advanced technologies, GPS and multi network transmission, ERTF proposes a global approach including products and services for civil and military customers..

Our areas of activities encompass on board systems for navigation or control, cooperative or non cooperative tracking systems (on board and based stations), real time tracking and Internet interfaces.
Through the use of our systems, the security of people (competitors, local population) is improved.

With our great knowledge of extreme environment we are the exclusive partner for World Raid Rallies Championship including “The Dakar” or the road World Rally Championship (WRC).
Our customers are ASO (Dakar organiser), NPO (Neveu Pelletier Organisation) but also Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Citroën, BMW…

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