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Communiqué ERTF Mai 2023 - 
del 1 al 31 de julio de 2023
Communiqué ERTF Mai 2023

There are rumors that the functions present and active on the Unik2 and Unik4 are different depending on the rally.


ERTF would like to clarify that there is only one software deployed on all the rallies, the functions are the same on all the rallies where we are present.

Of course, when a new function is developed, it is first implemented on a first rally, but then it is deployed on all the rallies.


Therefore, it is the same version that was installed on the Dakar 2023, the ADDC 2023, the SONORA 2023 and the Morocco Desert Challenge, with the same functions.


The rumor that some GPS functions were not implemented on the MDC is absolutely wrong since these functions were removed in 2021 and were never implemented on the Unik4.


We hope that this clarifcation will put an end to all controversy.


Jean-François CANAC

Président / ERTF CEO

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